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ガンマ線で組み立てる宇宙 -fatacy luck   Doc 2/4
Space to assemble in the gamma-rayOct 20154D Tornado model in Galaxy Time and Energy 
We are an accretion disk creature of Milky Way galaxyFatacy's 45 years hesitation: Material = Energy = Time common phenomea is angular momentum
Gluon network: Green dot line connects each Vertex of the tetrahedron. It is assumed that the gluon network of macro in the Titom theory. グル―オンネットワーク本セミナーのために、特別に起草し、発表します、本ページと4ページを併せて、ティトム時間工学、と呼びます、
2本立てで、人体にまつわる時間と、4ページではガンマ線と原子核の時間についてです。時間工学 Time物理学、原子物理学暗黒物質、ダークエナジー天文学 天体物理学銀河系をイメージした、物質、空間、
(電磁不分離の原則)Milkyway substance the image of, space, 
energy figures, the four-way rotation
(Principle of electromagnetic nondisjunction)For the purposes of the present seminar, drafted specially, it will be announced, in conjunction with this page and page 4, is called Titom time engineering, and,In double feature, time and surrounding the human body, in a Page 4 is about the time of the gamma-ray and atomic nuclei.Calabi yau formatted.svgAstronomy
AstrophysicsDark matter
Dark energyPhysics
Atomic physics遺伝子工学、人工知能Genetic engineering
Artificial IntelligenceTitom Time Engineering ReturnPast, including the future of the event and the time structure 過去、未来を含めた、イベントおよび時間の構造 -ティトム福島セミナー向けに加筆バージョン