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The relationship between activity, structure and geometric magic number of nuclei with AMF.

There will be an answer for younger student missions about Radioactive mysteries geometrically.

Fatacy's experiment 3 shows primitive gravity model called Angular Momentum Force (AMF). 

 I mistook and failed 8 years before, in this chapter, which I could show you that Iron Atom typical nuclear model.

fatacy's comment: Nucleus structure needs gateway to k2 orbit.




新進の研究者たちにとって放射性物質に関する謎が多く隠されています。Adebe Edge Reflow ver.up 0.47  June 2014

  Milestones  of  progress  in  astrophysics

Although the map is comprehensive over the Universe around the Milky Way, its distance measurements become less accurate, and less numerous, the farther out you go, says Lopes. This is currently the technique’s biggest potential source of error, he says, but adding more galaxy measurements will improve the map and could eventually help scientists to fully trace what is behind the motion of our local group of galaxies.

Nature doi:10.1038/nature.2014.15819

Laniakea: Our home supercluster
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Could you image these flows like Gluon shaped tetrahedron.
Point H Would that of Galaxy Cluster Brow drawn on the video. 

Mom with Pipe Axis and Knife Upper Phase in Titom Time Type 3 frame

Insufficient image that I mistook Iron atom 8 years have passed.

fatacy's comment: I'm not sure that tetrahedral 4 neutrons will be neutron halo, I look forward to the work of younger human being's hello world.

So, anybody should not manipulate this switch without fatacy's agreement,  this switch is really final,
 γ-ray + 4He → 2p+ + 2n, there could be a possibility that the reverse phenomenon of Big Bang theory inflation period.

There are 28 of the magic number structure very similar to Iron atom, 56 is multiplied by 4 to 13, half of 56, half of 28, half of 14, 7 of Nitrogen just here I will be in atomic number stream.

28 Half of 56th Iron atom, is Silicon atomic number.

It is also the magic number of nucleus, 28 is the number of times the Nitrogen of atomic number 7.

In the way of thinking the same as Iron atom, and try to draw a Silicon atom 28. The audience understands its purpose, and want to draw an image of Nitrogen atomic nuclei, because it is an odd neutron number of atom 7 exceptionally together with 5 Beryllium.  
- July,19th,2014

fatacy's comment: Famous Silicon is the brother of Iron in space law, which provide Helium final switch either, but I do not know this switch is really final or not, may a sort of one.
γ-ray + Si → 7He, could be observable phenomenon.

In any case, exist between the icosahedron and tetrahedron, and it is the navel of the universe law will no doubt this octahedron.

The journal following is an atomic internal structure of 14N Nitrogen struggled many years, but I believe that it will draw paired with 12C Carbon.   
- July,26th,2014

fatacy's comment: 

Carbon and Oxygen is main guest in Cosmos Olympia.

And to create a model of the atomic nucleus pair these, I was exhausted honestly.

I got a rest for a while if I draw the remaining Oxygen, Beryllium, Calcium in Chapter 5th.

It is hoped that because not afford even to not leave the Lithium, and try to draw someday.
- Aug,2nd,2014