designed:  page 4  iPad  iPhone  Auto Tuned for Win8 Atom Chart Titom Theory MUSE edit fatacy's comment: I was bothered for a long time why Beryllium whether the nature of the metal. Thus, rather than rotating atom equatorial plane, it was put into the space Helium two structures.
A good analogy is, at the source of the Carbon production, Beryllium is like a ping-pong ball supplying the neutron and Helium at the same time in the world of nuclear fusion.
fatacy's comment: Please try to guess a solitary neutron, it will be an equilateral triangle with the exception of it.
Tritium and helium are important components of the universe.
As you may have noticed already, but the proton moves away as possible from the Fermi surface in principle, it can gather in the center of the sphere, on the other hand, neutron flock to the Fermi surface to the equator of the nucleus, it becomes halo depends on increased gradually in isotope count.