designed:  page 3  iPad  iPhone  Auto Tuned for Win8 Tuned for Win8 Atom Chart Titom Theory MUSE edit fatacy's comment: Germanium 64 is tetrahedral 3 layer, sooner or later I will draw, may be in next chapter.
Oxygen is very significant in atom series, showed "Rock-forming elements" with Silicon and Iron.
These 4 Helium tetrahedron is free rotating in Fermi surface, but severely formed triangle keeping quantum colored policy.
fatacy's comment: This Neon is really colorful atom, but mainly gas.
Helium switch included series like Silicon, Iron, on the whole, I can't imagine on attribute about this charming atom precisely. Order of neon and oxygen is reversed in the onion slice "root page in Titom", but the reason is not clear.