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I'll try to describe the potential for WIMP search.
The inside of the nucleus determines the atomic mass, ie 
the weight by the number of protons and neutrons.     12 July, 2015photo-joycomPAGE TITLE  4/12

Protons and neutrons are still consists of quarks.
Charge of protons in the nuclei +, electrons outside the nucleus -,
Each has put behalf material called the antimatter.(Revision of these expressions has been scheduled -Feb 22, 2015  To avoid nuclear war in a cup)Humanity Gravitational WaveAurora and Sprite lightning  - fatacy  Feb, 2015 
300,000Km/s = The Limit speed of DNA synchronized  protein- The behavior of the electrons and protons can be seen a lot of electro-magnetic phenomena in daily life, 
but is one that is familiar, on the other hand,I think so that there is still room for pursuing with respect to magnetic field and magnetic himself.- To the nucleus-mediated electronic ties, covalent bond, such as metal binding is famous.Although it is hypothesis, what not find the phenomenon, 
such as the N-S magnetic flow similar to electrons and protons poles respectively,This is a guess, 
but I feel like is happening in the vicinity of the superconducting phenomenon of organic matter.- Such as eddy current flowing through how to copper plate in, 
do you want to observe the vortex magnetic flow, I do seem to remark that a quirky,Typhoons and cyclones we can see that it vortex in the satellite photos, 
but these vortex itself and we believe that the surface of the magnetic vortex flow has emerged.- Generating a mini typhoon laboratory, although Will may be transferred it to the magnetic substrate,A phenomenon that is based on the rotation of the quantum of spintronics (a phenomenon of magnetic), 
It is like a vortex tunnel effect of (electron phenomenon) may be found,- Is the conclusion of this description, the difficulty of looking for WIMP has become difficult 
to identify because it is a good conductor of air magnetic flow.Once it forms a complete shielding area of the magnetic flow and further becomes 
a magnetic flow circuit when making air conductor in a diamagnetic material.Since very become from weak signal design of the instrument to detect these with difficulty,- After it would look like WIMP is visible If realized good of the magnetic flow amplification of the human race 
(the typhoon phenomenon on antimagnetic circuit board).Aurora and the sprite is one of electro-magnetic phenomena to be observed in the tenuous atmosphere, 
but I want you to realize the mini Aurora gun in the space laboratory from the SatelliteThough our air is a poor electrical conductor, 
it is difficult confirmation experiment to not go out the atmosphere because 
it is a good conductor the magnetic-currentlyDevelopment of gamma-ray radio-actives attenuation device is also no longer 
a dream by the research results of these magnetronic circuit board.momloveucommomloveucomphoto-joycomdesigned:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  2014