That there is no humanity gravitational wave 
in such a mean would I can understandSince the above there is a top, 
four-dimensional next 
will be five-dimensional.To jump from the 3.5-dimensional to 4-dimensional
There is a crucial difference in the way of time recognition.10 billion years ago and after 10 billion years is 
the situation that melted into soup that a moment.
Of course, the vacuum of memory - so feature enabled, 
move to both logically is possible.1  Well, except for the necessary obstacles to achieve a four-dimensional space-time, 
is to create a spaceship to go from future departure to past, 6  In the four-dimensional, and handling the balloon and the hydrogen nuclei 
of 13.7 billion light-years as the same size.
The concept of the speed of light and light years will not be required.
The most prominent event, 
is the emission of a photon coming doing along the space, 
it is that propagation ratio of so-called speed of light.3  Mankind has been observing the propagation of radio waves 
or energy as a recognition person ever, for the time being, 
in the far outer space does not exist other recognized some object.5  Try to associate the protons and nuclei outside of electrons 
in the nucleus force in wave mechanics, exist is a contradiction in terms.8  The universe does not care to synchronize mankind type time. 
Therefore, it does not intend to have the convenience for inflation after the Big Bang.
10  Finally, the speed of light have been adjust for synchronization time of the human race,
even it is an extension of the visual cells in the Hubble telescope,9  It will not need to be discussed also collection nucleus species-rich thing on earth.
If grasped earth them as nuclei, was also necessarily be a non-radioactive space,When compare a word, 
state shell of nucleus 
It melted into space, 
the classification that the energy 
you will not be visible.2  Wave mechanics was a useful tool is for mankind, 
however, space is more significant of chaos.
In front of space of eyes, it will not be so easily to the counter party.4  Mass increases indefinitely at a speed close to the speed of light, it is with but, 
because is not that wave becomes a particle, 7   Although it is about Noah's Ark synchronized protein,
since continuous energy intake is the condition of these proteins maintenance,the future and burrowing a stratum is deposited in the sun's surface, it is like this.But you can feel some sort of intention, which has raised the human race, 
however, the successor to the recognition object does not have to be human beings.the pair production of substances and antimatter has severe memory conditions.when the sun is that it is an endothermic reaction, 
it would have required a time of origin to another substance.The sun will be contrasted with the space filled with radioactivity of the counter is another observation environment using magnetic.
You will eventually emerge as a direct material observation sources,
aurora, such as magnetic observed.And you do not need the concept of time elapsed in the universe 
of the center of rotation by the magnetic field, as the Titom Moments Relay with TACHYON.Layout
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