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galaxy   by fatacy
             Dec 7,2014
There are 3 ambiguous area
showed red ovals

I'll begin new stories of galaxy
In and out structures with wIMP
Before you begin the demonstration, there is that some texture.
1  syllogism will include the ambiguity when we move from the second stage to the third stage, proceed in Two-stage direct speech reasoning in this paper in such a reason.
2  There are drawbacks to Two-stage direct speech. Speaker and no buffer between the listener, Domination, tend to be self-righteous tone.
3  On aware of shortcomings, such as described above, I am happy and get to accompany with. 

4  WIMP Looking For Journey Is Expected To Considerable Difficulty. We Will witness To Different Significantly Stage In The Past Of Mankind walked.
5  You Paying Attention So That It Does Not Give The Life Impact Of Everyone Of Real, But Thought The Science Fiction Of The New Technology, Please Read these sentences Easily.
◎  Although I was casually galaxy you talk about, it becomes subject to rearrange the way of time recognition of the human race, the structure of the truth is too deeply if I try to talk more in detail, now I am in the chaos.

◎  To be the first to go about, it is from the presentation of evidence as far as it can be currently recognized. The time of the pages of the structure shown in the following banner and we plan to start now. (upload in a hurry, but it is under construction.)
-Jan 24,
◎  Second, it is is about how time recognition of energy structure side, the law of conservation of energy and, I think trying to talk about the relationship between the uncertainty principle, more clearly.

◎  Third, this item will become the most esoteric field, history, tradition, society, economy, global environmental future, and so on.
Since both my own real life related occurs, it does not think for now the banner of, Sorry.

1% Possessed 48% damaged Synchronized Protein (me included)
-Jan 24,

◎  Aurora and Sprite lightning - fatacy March, 2015
300,000Km/s = The Limit speed of DNA synchronized protein
Milkyway Galaxy gave us for rent over a billion years mass moments and more particles to the human race.
the Limit speed of linking these moments is the speed of light, the mass if you try to cross over these limits, we have to be charged a relationship to become infinite.
Titom rotational force participant who is currently still is a particle unit of gluon, and galactic quontum spin.

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