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             Dec 7,2014
There are 3 ambiguous area
showed red ovals

I'll begin new stories of galaxy
In and out structures with wIMP
Before you begin the demonstration, there is that some texture.
1  syllogism will include the ambiguity when we move from the second stage to the third stage, proceed in Two-stage direct speech reasoning in this paper in such a reason.
2  There are drawbacks to Two-stage direct speech. Speaker and no buffer between the listener, Domination, tend to be self-righteous tone.
3  On aware of shortcomings, such as described above, I am happy and get to accompany with. 

4  WIMP Looking For Journey Is Expected To Considerable Difficulty. We Will witness To Different Significantly Stage In The Past Of Mankind walked.
5  You Paying Attention So That It Does Not Give The Life Impact Of Everyone Of Real, But Thought The Science Fiction Of The New Technology, Please Read these sentences Easily.
◎  Let's Begin To Talk About from Events That Appear To Be Of the Truth.

◎  When the WIMP is the target, it is likely to be used to determine the Copernican Revolution, unwillingly.

◎  Dark Matter and the weight ratio of our visible world is 3: 1 and, this ratio is necessary in a world that was all mirrored the neutron representing The Magnetic Field And the proton inside fermi surface.

◎  I dare say that nuclear force is a suction force itself of gluon, electrons enter in the nucleus shell, protons, the pair annihilation of electrons are not happening, because the proton is placed in the gluon.

◎  The LHC Of CERN has observed crushed to pieces the gluon.
-Dec 20,
◎  Including the limits of my own cognition, protein time of mankind and the most trouble was, this must be considered a new configuration. DNA embedded time on Synchronization.
The Noah's ark synchronized protein.

◎  The backpack while talking of stars and galaxies a risk that might at most disappear within 500 years. the Earth can not support the population growth.
there is a reality that can not be for shame.

◎  Still, once in honor of cognition of 5,000 years of humanity, leave to form the time protein of mankind in the classification of time type 1. (

◎  Thus, it is the procedure very important for coarse quantum physics to confirm the recognition method of the time flow.

It's related to the uncertainty principle.

◎  In particular, whether the time structure of the dark world in WIMP search trip that such things like think of the time protein of mankind, it is because we should start from the point of view.

◎  Whether the synchronization with the Andromeda galaxy is why there, this is a serious problem related to the synchronization of guarantee between you and me.

◎  I will pray for New Year's best wishes to everyone. And, I hope that these synchronization property can be expanded to a wide universe.
-Dec 29,
◎  a topic about Schrodinger's cat, but it is questionable whether is supposed to solve, the human race is an observer will try to assume the case so that it is no longer there for some reason.

◎  Never Not hopes that mankind perish. Only rate of destruction of the Industrial Revolution and later of the global environment is worry too early but, perhaps, and then also the planet would have been orbiting the sun.

◎  Because in that case, the observer does not exist, the before  and after orbit around the sun, but the movement of other celestial bodies are not required to follow the law of gravity, phenomena and ideas that concurrency is also in accordance with the observer at the precise celestial navigation you.

◎  Inability to observe the life and death of Schrödinger's cat is, I would be that synchronization of cat and the observer is interrupted. 

◎  The Noah's Ark Synchronized Protein not only Synchronization of time shared by humanity, seems to be the direction of the past and future decided.
-Jan 11,2015
◎  For SETI project, How do which was to avoid to talk, there is a reality, such as shown below.
Photonic Electric Time type 1 >  Noah's Ark Mankind Protein Time
     ↑    →
     ↓    →
Photonic Electric Time Type 1 >  The Time of extraterrestrial intelligence

Even If These ET was metal civilization, continuity and direction of cognition will be inferred that it can not be the same as the time type 1 of the universe.

◎  There is only one exception, it is extremely low probability, but only if ET is holding a helical structure of similar DNA of the human race, In that case it can be shared with Noah's Ark Synchronized Protein.

◎  Soon it seems in the next chapter, it is necessary to think about the new page.  
Although I may talk about the details of the energy transmitted how under these time reflow, and more detail about time type 2 which will be also referring to very harmful radioactivity.
-Jan 18,

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