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Parallel Tetra Membrane theory M-理論とパラレル・メンブレン Tuned  for  iPhone5Parallel Tetra Membrane theory M-理論とパラレル・メンブレン Tuned  for  iPhone5Cで示されたビッグバンの
例えると、エネルギー → 物質という
分化しています。In addition, when compared to the magnitude of 
the flow of energy how the time, it was the trend of 
energy → substance with proportional to the time flow. In the current 13.7 billion light-years away and after 
White Hole of the Big Bang indicated by C, Torrent from uniform Ancient, the flow is differentiated into 
slow flow area around us and the area of ultra torrent.pressure looming in the frame structure of 
gravity is different.As there conceivable currently an White hole, in the figure, the points G, H, I, J is also a Black hole observed in our world. ポイントG, H, I, Jは、ホワイトホールであり、ブラックホールである。時がたち、ポイント H, I, J に近づくと、
再度均一な激流に戻ると考える方が妥当です。Those who think time passed, 
we approach point H, I, or J, is 
a return to a uniform again 
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