designed:  page 12 iPS cells Japan MUSE Edit iPS 細胞 MUSE版  iPad  iPhone  Auto Tuned for Win8 Tuned for Win8 Cell-autonomous correction of ring chromosomes in human induced pluripotent stem cells - Acid bath offers easy path to stem cells - Miss Haruko Obokata 研究室で飼っている亀を観察する理化学研究所発生・再生科学総合研究センターの小保方晴子・研究ユニットリーダー=神戸市中央区で、川平愛撮影 In this news, I flashed suddenly, but the history if the information is being reset cells bathed in acid, to the action of gastric acid, may be related to the absorption in the small intestine of then, for example, Reduce the reactivation of the cells in the small intestine, it may be that re-used in the human body the genetic resources of all gut. → Japanese translation