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The element is a yellow-green gas under standard conditions, where it forms diatomic molecules.The structure of 208Pb Lead inside Fermi Surface
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Its four stable isotopes have 82 protons , a magic number in the nuclear shell model of atomic nuclei. - WikipediaStill it might be far from thinking with reality now, 
but found finally the only reason for the existence of a Tachyon.今はまだ現実とかけ離れた考え方かもしれませんが、
ようやくタキオンの存在理由が見つかりました。A moment of 13.7 billion light-years before 
the event occurred and now observed only consistency of 
causal relationship to the use the Tachyon, 137億光年前のイベント発生と今の観測の瞬間を因果関係の整合性だけにタキオンを利用し、
その経路である中間過程にはエネルギーの出し入れを割り当てない考え方です。it is the concept that not assign out of energy 
in the intermediate process is its route.これまでの人間中心主義の宇宙観から、人類は宇宙から3.5次元の空間を恐らく
本質を理解すると重力波よりもタキオン粒子へと流れが変わるのでしょう。So far from the universe of anthropocentrism of, 
tenants have asked to mankind was probably several tens of 
thousand years rent a 3.5-dimensional space 
from the universe, in other words,than the gravitational wave when you understand 
the nature of Noah's Ark synchronized protein 
will change the flow from gravitational wave 
to the Tachyon particles. -Mar 25, 2015F-22  fighter  Sonic Boom