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 ファタシーの実験 4 で特徴がよく出ているのですが、反発する磁気のトーラスが直角の時、媒介物質の存在で反発力がほぼ消えてしまう。




  Feature is coming out well in fatacy’s experiment 4, but when the right (90 degree) angle, repels force disappears almost in the presence of intermediate substance and to the magnetic rebound of Dual Torus.

  Changing the words, the internal structure of the nucleus would not be present to the (expected) regular hexahedron, dodecahedron to the basic tetrahedron. In other words, there seems to be triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon (return to the triangle) cycle .


  In addition, the whole universe is these gluon have become the container of the gravity pressure on, and this gravity to propagate inside the material is supported by the mechanism transmitting (Higgs mechanism),  supposed  to  be.

  It is that as the basis for most, when you close and the presence of nuclei (may be Higgs boson) in the vicinity in an environment of saturation gamma ray, materials and antimatter is generated.

Intermediate substance such as  steel ball (gluon)Tuned  for  iPhone  5designed:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  2013Beryllium Master 9Be since 8BeBeryllium Master 9Be since 8Be  ベリリウム変遷  Tuned  for  iPhone5