designed:  page 9  iPad  iPhone  Auto Tuned for Win8 Tuned for iPad Aurora and Sprite lightning - fatacy Feb, 2015 300,000Km/s = The Limit speed of DNA synchronized protein Gravity waves Introduced to wave mechanics and wave engineering, the human race is to ingest continuously energy by connecting the moment, is a sort of derivative of humanity "called Noah's Ark" synchronized protein, it's only one section of the universe.
To confront the nature of the universe, beyond the limits of one pole convergent thinking, such as photon and gravity source, was correlated electric and a magnetic field of bipolar, you should stare at it there is a vacuum with memory functioned.
And, the vacuum with gluon in the nucleus - linked to on the memory mechanism (sorry, my intelligence shortage for accurately description) is, in other words, has to do with the nature of the friction force and surface tension of liquid in galaxy. -Mar 20, 2015