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designed:  fatacy@gmail.comsince  2014I will die to up to 100 years old.
Religion until children and grandchildren 
spinning is immediately thinking.However, motherhood is obliged to 
bear the information transfer between generations.
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when the DNA has been formed.
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the unknown intergenerational
2 Inadequate law of knowledge based on 
mutual agreement physics is also a religion6 Men for feminine, women masculine, 
and you should not be compulsion
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Your Dad 
Never Told You
Galaxy Rotation 
So you can not exceed it.
In the logic of the world 
this is comparable to drug (loop over)3 However, this law is a natural disaster, 
energy, drive the money economy.
4 Love is inherently discriminatory in 
the context of survival of the fittest5 Understanding of the Samsara loop (Buddhist Kalma, etc.) 
is, it will regulating the gene gap by laissez-faire8 Humanity, someday would travel even outside of 
the galaxy, please you to live to cooperate with it, 
to look for a planet with a nitrogen and oxygen
10 Finally, even in one light-year, 
it is infinite space for the protein of mankind
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